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About Nita Bee

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"Business started January 25, 1995, the first dozen cookies were sold to a therapist for $5.

How I got started. A prayer of what do I do next after selling floor covering for over 18 years. It was Christmas 1993, I was short on money and couldn't afford to buy presents. So, I baked my oatmeal surprise cookies and gave them away as gifts. People enjoyed them so much that throughout the year, I was asked to bake some for parties.

Christmas 1994, I baked even more to give away, but this time after they got them, I asked if they were good enough to sell. The answer was definately "YES". On New Year’s Day 1995, I talked to a good friend and told her what I was thinking. She thought it was great and I would do well. She added that the only way I would fail would be if I stopped baking. She recommended that I read Mrs. Fields and Famous Amos books. So I read them. I related best to Famous Amos because he came from humble beginnings.

Next, I called my niece who is a graphic artist. I sent her some samples and said when you taste the cookies think about what you know about me and who I am, see what comes up. I also had to come up with a name, something catchy, “Tasty Tastes”. I asked my sister what she thought. "Well" she said "Why don't you use the nickname dad gave you, Nita Bee's". Ok, “Nita Bee’s Gourmet Cookies”. I told my niece I changed the name. However, when I received the logo, it said, “Nita Bee’s Tastys”. I called to tell her the name was wrong, she said that it wasn’t and that I would not only do cookies, but more. She was right.

It’s been hard, not knowing what you are doing, working on a wing and prayer. I started with my grocery money about $200. I thought it would be easier than what it was. However, I was so driven and determined, that the success was right around the corner; the wealth, notoriety, peace and well being. I'm a preacher’s daughter, the youngest, with six siblings. Somewhere in my mind I didn’t measure up or think I was ever good enough, but I loved hanging out in the kitchen with my dad while he baked. He would seat me on a stool and give me the sifter to keep me busy. That wasn’t enough for me , I wanted to know more. He was very patient with me and would explain the ins and outs of baking. When I was about 13 years old, I took Home Economics in school. They taught sewing and cooking. When we were learning how to bake cookies, that was the best. I was so excited, it was Christmas time and I could show off my new talent. The problem was that I needed cookie cutters. My mom told me that I couldn't have them because I would only use them once and lose interest but I talked my dad into buying them anyway. He got in a lot of trouble with my mom, plus I helped him go way over budget.

Because of the past and experiences in life, I have a determination and drive to not give up, to keep my eyes on the prize. The prize is not money, property, and prestige, but of being there for others to encourage them as I have been encouraged. Through all the struggles and pain, my mom and dad dying, my god-mothers death, my favorite sisters' death, my best friend's sudden death, my boyfriend's sudden death, and last but not least, my having cancer along with many other health challenges, I’m still baking. The only reason for my success, is because of the faith I have in a power greater than myself.

Now, I’m 55 years young and I want more, so I’m doing what is necessary, so that I have a legacy for the next generation. I hope that I am known for the best cookies and sweet potato pie, my good sense of humor, my smile, faith, and hope."

~Nita Bee

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