Nita Bee's Specialty Bakery

Sweets for the Sweetness in You

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There are some wonderful comments on Yelp, but these are a couple of our favorites:

Nita -

It pains me greatly to have to complain about something:

Your cookies are just too darned good. In my effort to keep them available to the partygoers on Saturday I have now banned myself completely from entering the kitchen. This after several "inspection" visits to make sure all of the cookies were completely up to specification. I did, by the way, find one of the "Chocolate Chocolate Surprise" cookies to be suffering from a very definite crack. With a little effort it actually broke into two pieces! Well that is something I simply could not allow to be seen at the Blues party. Imagine the horror if someone actually broke a cookie at the party!!! Not to worry though. I made quick work of disposing of that particular defect.

Now I find I would very much like a glass of water but, alas, I would have to walk directly past your cookies on the way to the cupboard to get a glass. Guess I'll have to use the little paper cups in the bathroom.

Thirsty and getting fatter,
Bill Thackrey
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I learned about your pies after reading a review on Yelp and I went down to Zanottos in Rose Garden the next day to buy a pie. You had someone offering taste samples, which I tried. I wish I never tried them! I went there to buy A pie as in ONE pie and I walked out with FOUR‼! I had looked forward to offering sweet potato pie to everyone I cooked the big Thanksgiving meal for, but as time moved closer to dessert time, I was hoping everyone was too full to have pie, because I no longer wanted to share those incredibly delicious pies! I bought the Sweet Potato and the Jamaican Sweet Potato Pies. I hate to admit it, but I pretty much ate most of those four pies myself. I hope to God my cardiologist doesn’t find out! My goal now is to try everything else you make.

I hope you find greater success than Sara Lee without losing the inedible taste and quality of your pies! Thank you for turning me into a Nita Bee convert! Thank you!